HEPA Filtered Waste Bags
Installed in Polyurethane, PVC or PE Bags




Nuclear Filter Technology's HEPA filtered waste bags provide increased nuclear material loading in each package.



The NucFil®-034 DA allows H2 gas to diffuse at greater than 22 E-06 mol/sec/mol fraction - an 3X bag filter.

  The NucFil®-036 DA allows H2 gas to diffuse at greater than 90 E-06 mol/sec/mol fraction - an 8X bag filter.
  Air flow capacity through each filter is greater than 300 ml/min at 0.1" W.C. pressure differential.
  The NucFil®-034 DA and NucFil®-036 DA are the most flexible, durable and thin HEPA filter available.
  Other HEPA filters that may be installed in bags and thin walled cans include the NucFil®-030 and NucFil®-032, each of which utilize a carbon-carbon filter media.
  The NucFil®-030, NucFil®-032 and NucFil®-034 models may be installed by Nuclear Filter Technology or in the field.
  All NucFil® HEPA bag filters meet TRUPACT-II SAR Section 3.6.14 and Appendix 1.3.5 requirements.
  All NucFil® bag filters are serialized and bar coded.

NucFil® HEPA bag filters are
currently being used in the United States, United Kingdom and France to reduce volume of waste safely by evacuating trapped air.
All filters manufactured are tested for filtration efficiency, and hydrogen diffusion is measured on a sampling basis.

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